Please email (Stone Oak) or (Boerne) for additional enrollment information.  





Class Attendance Policy:

There are no refunds or reductions for missed classes. If there is an extenuating circumstance (illness, emergency, etc.), speak to your child’s teacher about making up the missed class. Make-Up classes will not, however, be honored for vacations or sporting events. Any student who accrues four (4) consecutive absences will be automatically withdrawn from the class. Any student absent more than three (3) consecutive times after January 1st may be prohibited from performing in the recital. In such a case, the amount paid for the costume will not be refunded. Every class has a different recital routine, therefore, make-up classes are not encouraged after March 1. To ensure total number of classes for the year, extra make-ups in the fall are recommended in case of absence in the spring.

Registration is only $50.00 annually per dancer.

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Please email with any questions regarding registration at HSSD Stone Oak or HSSD Boerne.